The Revolution Will Be Televised.

Kill TV empowers its users by letting them curate and control the entire platform by voting on every video uploaded to our system. Every vote counts, there are 'zero' electoral votes or over-empowering votes and 'No Vetoes!' Unless the uploaded content is illegal... 

Every upload must be voted on, granting creatives a fair chance at exposure. Uncensored and unbiased, we leave it up to you to declare what is : right, wrong, cool, trendy, funny, sad, good, bad or down right awful and indecent. 

"You are Judge, Jury & Executioner. Pick your friends and enemies wisely!"


what we need for launch

Our goal is to raise $40K in order to launch our MVP into market but in order to sustain that for a year we'll need much more. We've listed our costs for the platform below and we may add better perks as we raise funds! Stay tuned!

launch costs

$40K : Software with updates
$80K : Hosting, Video Player Costs 1 yr+
$30K : Marketing & Legal

donation perks

  • Donate $1 + : Thank you!

  • Donate $10 + : Your name or alias on credits page.

  • Donate $100 + : Photo, link, shout out on credits.

  • Donate $1,000 + : Invite to future VIP meet and greets.

  • Donate $5,000 + : Contact us, we want to partner!

current raise amounts

$10 of $150,000 [updated 10.15.18]

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"That's it, follow us on social, tell your friends, your parents, everybody! We're cuming! Ahahaha!" - KIll TV team