Founded by an X-Filmmaker after a decade of trial, error and disappointment. Brought together by the efforts of many who are willing to push the boundaries further than their predecessors and media land owners.

Kill TV is now comprised of like-minded individuals from the entertainment industry and software engineering world. 


Our Mission

To create a system that advocates change while supporting new voices, opinions and factions. To outlast the present by looking to the future, mixing subculture entertainment with reality. To never worry about coloring outside the lines. To open the minds of those who are ignorant to change. To go against the grain when all hope is lost. To obtain more than what is necessary by dreaming bigger. 

"We are neither your beginning nor your end. But the end, comes for us all."

As for politics, I’m an Anarchist. I hate governments and rules and fetters. Can’t stand caged animals. People must be free.
— Charlie Chaplin


  • Millenial Founder & Board Members
  • Mtv Music Video Awards
  • Award winning Features, Documentaries and Television Series
  • Collectively over 40 years within the entertainment industry
  • Leading development in Blockchain technology